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Super Jeweler

Diamond jewelry online retailer, price range from $100 to $100,000 per piece.

The Revenue of Google Shopping grows +146% in just 4 weeks after CB/I Digital began managing their paid campaings.

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Chan Luu

Chan Luu, a prestigious designer jewelry brand, hired CB/I to manage SEO, Google and Facebook channels.

At the time CB/I took over, Chan Luu was suffering from a drop in traffic and revenue from direct and organic channels as interest and orders from existing users decreased. Chan Luu looked to CB/I’s deep expertise on revenue growth to help reverse these trends and put the brand back on track for growth.

Client Testimonials

Tony Drockton - Founder


“I urge you to start communicating with them at least when you’re ready for fast rapid growth Mike and CB/I, they are going to take you there. I warn you to watch what you asked for because we're moving fast and we're going for it now that makes driving it from the top to the bottom of the funnel for habit thanks a lot Mike and everyone has CB/I.”

Tyler Malinky - Founder and CEO

Lowbrow Customs

“I can say that the dedication that the CBI team shows for their work, the thoroughness and for me, very important, the quality of their communication, extremely efficient, communicators, and I like it. Check out CBI. I'm sure they could make large improvements for you as well.”

Iakovos Hatzidimitiou -Associate Manager of Global E-commerce


“CB/I helped us kick off a successful international SEO relaunch in 7 countries in U.S., Europe and Asia - at the same time, start to finish. They are smart, responsive, technically savvy, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend CB/I to any company...and not just for SEO!”

Bryan DeMaranville - CEO


“CBI has been an amazing partner for us and I am looking forward to another great year with them. They not only have a deep understanding of up to date strategies in PPC, UX, analytics, and merchandising, they tailored a very detailed strategy for our unique business and customer that is working out amazing. We saw immediate results once we switched to CBI, and are now enjoying large gains due to the long-term strategies they suggested.”

Gratit - CEO


"I could not be happier. The team was accountable and proactive. I know how many things can go wrong with app development -- CBI made sure that they didn't! I don't have a single complaint. After my project ends, you should raise your rates."

Andrew Fox - CEO

Super Jeweler

“At this point, why would we work with anyone else?
We are very, very happy.”