Rejuvenating growth momentum for the luxury handbag brand.

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Hammitt’s story

Hammitt is a luxury leather handbag brand that has surprised and delighted their loyal customers since 2008 with a focus on eye-catching designs, evolving functionality, and a commitment to quality over the entire life of their products.

Revitalizing stagnant growth and expanding beyond their loyal customer base
Revenue YoY

After they ended 2020 with disappointing revenue from a large ad spend, Hammitt decided to partner with CB/I Digital to revive their growth momentum.

CB/I set a straightforward growth goal: if we could consistently grow revenue +10% month over month, we would double online revenue within 12 months.

We put a strong focus on paid prospecting to acquire NEW users across all channels - Facebook prospecting, Google Smart Shopping, YouTube and Criteo - while maintaining a healthy blended ROAS to ensure the growth would be sustainable.

Hammitt achieves its strongest growth ever

Within 9 months, CB/I helped Hammitt achieve tremendous growth, increasing revenue 243% YoY, and revenue in September 2021 was more than 3X higher than it was in January.

During the same period, CB/I doubled revenue for Google Shopping compared to the same period in 2020, and increased orders by 50%.


After partnering with CB/I, Hammitt's revenue grew continuously for nine months.

Doubled Facebook Revenue with an increase of over 175%

For Google Search Ads, CB/I leveraged our proprietary Playmaker AI SaaS to automatically optimize bidding costs to achieve higher revenue and better ROAS.

Between January and August of 2021, CB/I’s Playmaker AI grew Hammitt’s paid search revenue by 18.2% compared to the previous year, while decreasing ad spend with optimized CPC bidding.

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