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Bring the beloved jewelry brand back to strong growth.

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Melinda Maria’s story

Melinda Maria is an LA based jewelry brand worn by a host of A-list celebrities and influencers because of their designs, but accessible to everyone because of their affordable cost and excellent customer care policies, including a 2-year quality guarantee.

The company also donates a portion of its profits to select women’s organizations, putting support and empowerment at the center of their brand.

An Urgent Need to Recover Lost Revenue

However, after experiencing a significant drop in sales at the beginning of 2021, Melinda Maria came to CB/I for help bringing their growth back on track.

CB/I re-optimized their paid campaign structure, using our deep understanding of how Google and Facebook algorithms work to improve both CPC and CPA, thus adding higher traffic and revenue while maintaining healthy return on ad spend (ROAS).

We collaborated with the Melinda Maria team to refine their ad design process, generating high-performing creatives for paid campaigns. We also selected best-selling SKUs to promote, increasing their visibility to drive sales and acquire new customers.

Revenue more than doubled within 3 months

Within 2 months, with optimized paid advertising campaigns, stronger creatives, and product collaboration, we were able to generate significant growth, with revenue in August more than double where it was in June.


Between April and Sep 202, the paid search channel contributed 41.6% more in revenue.


Their Facebook channel hit record highs with a 389% increase in revenue and a 287% increase in orders while maintaining the same level of ad spend.

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