Leading online jewelry retailer doubled their Google revenue in 4 weeks

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SuperJeweler’s story

We worked with SuperJeweler to focus and optimize their complex campaign structure, using our advanced AI SaaS solution to boost profits with both immediate and lasting results.

SuperJeweler has been in operation since 1999 and features a large catalog of products with a wide range of price points (from $100 to over $10,000) that attract a diverse range of customers.

However, they were also running over 130 different ad campaigns at any given time, which created significant problems that kept them from improving their bottom line.

“At this point, why would we work with anyone else? We are very, very happy.”

Andrew Fox - CEO
A Long Running Campaign that Needed a Fresh Perspective

When SuperJeweler came to CB/I, they were frustrated with seeing flat results from their Google ad channels year after year. Moreover, because it was nearly impossible to get a clear picture of individual campaign performance, many underperforming campaigns had been kept running for a long time, leading to major inefficiencies and bleeding their budget.

Smarter Ad Spend. Better Returns

Our goal was to grow revenue significantly while maintaining a similar Return on Advertising Spend. Starting with Google Shopping ads, we used a unique approach to optimizing product feeds, leveraging Google’s Smart Shopping algorithm to find ideal customers for each product price range, which helped to double their revenue within the first 4 weeks.

Secondly, we optimized Paid Search ads by restructuring campaigns, keywords and ad copy to achieve a higher quality score and a lower CPC, all while scaling up better performing campaigns and removing campaigns that were wasting their budget.

After this initial optimization, we deployed our proprietary Playmaker AI-based solution to work on Paid Search. The software uses Machine Learning to predict optimal budget allocation and bidding to increase revenue at high Return on Ad Spend.

Leveraging AI algorithms to go through thousands of keywords and hundreds of campaigns is far more efficient than doing this manually, and limits inevitable human errors. Playmaker AI helped achieve the ultimate goal of increasing revenue with optimal use of budget.

Gratifying Immediate Impact
After just 4 weeks of the new ad campaign strategy with us, SuperJeweler already saw their revenue double.
Measurable Long-Term Results

After 6 months of the optimized campaign, we increased Google Search revenue by 29%, increased Google Ad revenue by 55%, and increased Google Shopping revenue by 279%.

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Google Ad
Google Shopping
Smaller Spend for Bigger Profits

We made SuperJeweler’s money work harder for them with AI optimization that led to a 125% increase in return on ad spend with a 5% boost in revenue and a 53% reduction in overall ad spend.

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An Ongoing Partnership
After starting off with a single channel, we’re now working with SuperJeweler on Facebook andexpanding into SEO as well, turning a short-term project into a long-term collaboration.
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