Revitalizing a World-Renowned Jewelry Brand with Paid Prospecting.

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A Steep Decline in Revenue and Traffic

A luxury jewelry brand based in California, Chan Luu has maintained a loyal following for nearly two decades. It’s unique artisan pieces and expert craftsmen have taken the world by storm as they both highlight the effortless beauty of various cultures and sell to an international audience.

But as time passed, Chan Luu found their revenue dwindling, as online orders from existing customers plummeted and both direct and organic web traffic slowed to a trickle.

As the previous digital agency was not proactive to improve the situation, Chan Luu turned to CB/I to reverse the trend and put the brand back on track for growth.

“CBI has been an amazing partner for us and I am looking forward to another great year with them. They not only have a deep understanding of up to date strategies in PPC, UX, analytics, and merchandising, they tailored a very detailed strategy for our unique business and customer that is working out amazing. We saw immediate results once we switched to CBI, and are now enjoying large gains due to the long-term strategies they suggested.”

Bryan DeMaranville - CEO
A Multichannel, Multi-Touchpoint Marketing Strategy

CB/I immediately began employing strategies to acquire a new audience for Chan Luu that would cover the loss of existing customers, while reducing the ROAS to stay in the black and achieve brand growth.

On Facebook, this required the aggressive testing and launch of 4 to 5 new audiences every week to find the right customers for Chan Luu’s products, while maintaining an intentional ad spend ratio of 2:1 to help Chan Luu stay profitable as they scaled their marketing campaigns to reach more customers.

Likewise, CB/I switched Chan Luu from Google Standard Shopping over to Google Smart Shopping and applied unique feed optimization tactics to Google’s algorithms to acquire new customers at a low CPC and sell Chan Luu’s products to existing customers. This enabled CB/I to both grow Chan Luu’s revenue and strengthen the customer base.

For Google paid search, CB/I opted to use our proprietary Playmaker AI, as it could reduce CPC and boost ROAS markedly -- thus growing revenue at lower total cost. The Playmaker AI algorithms predict the best keywords to target and dynamically allocate the advertising budget to achieve maximum results.

Immediate Results, Long-Term Growth
As a result of CB/I’s proactive approach to digital campaigns, Chan Luu experienced a massive turnaround less than 6 months after partnering with CB/I.
Paid Search Sales Up +47% with Playmaker AI

Between January and June of 2020, CB/I’s Playmaker AI grew Chan Luu’s paid search revenue by 47% compared to the previous year, while decreasing ad spend with optimized CPC bidding for a ROAS of 15.2:1.

Smart Shopping Doubled Users with ROAS 10:1

During the same period, CB/I grew orders and sales 250% (3.5x) for Google Smart Shopping as compared to same period in 2019, while only increasing cost by +30%

Facebook Boosted New Traffic +150% YoY

CB/I focused Facebook campaigns on expanding new users for Chan Luu. In 2019, our strategy increased traffic +150%, and grew revenue +54% YoY while maintaining the same ROAS; bringing both revenue and new potential customers.

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