Adayroi (ADR) is a leading online marketplace owned by the $8 billion conglomerate, Vingroup.  They have more than one million SKUs in verticals ranging from travel and hotels, to food and beverage, consumer electronics, automotive, fashion, consumer products, and more.  
ADR was hampered by one year of erosion of their online traffic and were anxious to end that streak. They came to CB/I Digital to find out how to regain market share and return to profitability.
  • Deploy Google Analytics 360 to gather key eCommerce metrics and identify frictions and low-hanging fruit opportunities for quick revenue growth
  • Apply advanced SEO strategy for large-scale platform, optimizing 300+ niches that generate search revenue and traffic
  • Build and optimize unique customer journey for each of ADR’s business units
  • Implement changes to User Experience/Conversion Optimization (CRO) thus increasing conversion rates
  • Add cross-sell/up-sell ideas that increased average order value (AOV)
  • Allocate advertising budget effectively to channels that maximize the CiR (cost in revenue)
  • Advise on product strategy focusing on growing trending, best-selling products to drive revenue

Vingroup's S200+ million marketplace tripled SEO traffic, adding 1+ million more search users each month in 8 months 


  • CB/I reversed 12 months of revenue decline to +100% growth in only six months
  • SEO traffic increased by +108% to over 1 million users per month.  Revenue increased +52% in six months
  • Revenue from Paid Search grew +103% within four months and ADR’s Average Order Value (AOV) increased by +53%

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