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CBI utilizes powerful SEO strategy and advanced SEO techniques to deliver break-through results for clients in organic visits, revenue and top rankings for competitive keywords.

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CBI builds high-end web platforms for Ecommerce, Internet communities, and business websites. Our websites are elegant, fast loading, search engine friendly and highly secured.

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CBI applies the most effective conversion tracking and A/B testing methodology to your website to increase conversion rate and drive more sales and leads.

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CBI Digital Inc. is a high-end digital marketing firm in New York, NY. We provide high-end Websites & Ecommerce solutions, deep Search Engine Optimization, Google and Facebook Advertising, and Conversion Rate Optimization. CBI Digital serves various clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Myanmar.

CBI will dedicated to the highest level of quality in your project.

CBI will always be responsive, supportive and very fast.

CBI wants successful clients, not just successful projects.

CBI is a team that's fully focused on customer value. It's rare to find a vendor that's the perfect mix of speed and passion, but with CBI, we think we've found just that.
Jeremy Goldman
Founder – Firebrand Group
What is the best way to get Google to crawl my new Wordpress blog?
Sunday, December 21st, 2014

It may take a few days to a few weeks for Google to index a new website. To get Google index your Word-press site quickly, here are a few things I often do:

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Global versus local keyword research - What are the differences?
Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Is there anything different in the process of local keyword research vs. global keyword research? What do these forms of keyword research share and how are they different?... Here are my points of view for these questions.

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