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Email and Social Media

Best tactics to use social media?

Author: Mike Le (10/15/2012)
This is my answer for a LinkedIn user.
This is a very broad question. Each businesses, in each industry, has their own effective ways to using social media to fulfill their goals.
In general, to use Social Media effectively for your business, you should consider the following:

1. Identify your goals and expectation: Social Media is best for building relationship and branding, thus if you look for long term benefit, social media is the right investment. If you look for quick sales, you should consider other options like pay-per-click campaigns.

2. Build social media presence. First you need to be on Social Media. Create your profile on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and other social networks in your industry, and take a good care of them.

3. Be active. Try to connect to your relevant visitors and post new updates on social media profile daily. It is important to create a positive and active images about yourself and your business on social media. Nobody want to connect to a person/company that is inactive and have nothing fun to read.

4. Connect. The best of social media is ability to connect to relevant people that matters to you, whether they are your friends, your colleagues, your customers, or your dates. Thus make it a habit to connect to people you know and people you want to know everyday. Focus on quality connections rather than the quantity connections. 

5. Create something worth to share. Social media is all about connecting and sharing. But you need something that worth to share first, before expecting your message will go viral.

6. Run contests. Providing prizes and incentives once in a while is a fast way to build more connections (fans/followers) and gain more popularity on social media world. 

1. Do not buy fans. This unstable approach will make you look good at first but bring no real results or values for your business.

2. Do not abuse contests. Running too many contests and offer too many prizes and you are more likely to drive prize-hunters in your fan page, not the real followers who love you or your business.

3. Do not expect direct sales from social media. While social commerce is growing, and expectation is rising, however you should look for overall business improvement with effective media strategies instead of direct sales. While there are good statistics about social media conversion rate, In my own experience, search engine optimization, PPC and email marketing drive better sales than social media.

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