10 timeless Rules to Increase your Performance

By: Mike Le

I truly believe that practicing just ONE rule in this list daily will already make you work 10 times better. Not 10% better, but 10 times.
Increase your performance
I try to keep them as simple as possible.
1. Stick to the END GOAL
Know your goal, you’ll already know the way to get there. Your inner self has all the answers.
“Knowing your goal is already half way to success”.
2. Write To Do List everyday. First thing First (FTF).
Make sure all things get done.
I love crossing items off the list. Self-satisfaction.
3. Eliminate (POE). 80/20 rule. KISS.
Focus on the most important things, and delete everything else.
“Simplicity is the utmost sophistication”.
4. Do ONE thing at a time.
Break things down. Do small things quick. Finish and forget.
The easier, the faster.
5. Start NOW, Start Early.
Start moment is the hardest moment. Break it. Just do it.
See great idea? Apply INSTANTLY.
Now vs. Later.
6. Track time. Set Deadline.
I have a cook timer. I count down every 30-minute. Do it, you’ll be shocked about how fast the time is flying by… and how you are wasting it.
Time is invaluable. Make the most of every minute.
7. Do it Fast, Faster. 
Each time, set deadline a little shorter. You’ll make it. Parkinson Law.
Automate. Step 1-n. Practice. Push to limit speed.
FAST as a state of mind. Fast vs. Slow.
8. Keep things moving
Keep something going on everyday. To go long-run, be stable.
Too fast or too slow will kill it.
9. PREPARE Advance. One step ahead. Initiative.
Prepared vs. Unprepared. Always have a plan.
10. Take note Experience.
10 times easier the next time you do it.
Free your mind from the details. Taking note, you learn the subject twice.
– POE: Power of Elimination
– 80/20 rule: “Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes”
– KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid
– Parkinson Law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”
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