School Choice International (SCI) is one of the largest school placement consultancies in the U.S., owning 80% of the corporate education consulting market share. SCI has a big network of educational consultants that help affluent families select the best schools for their children wherever they are in the world. 

SCI wanted to expand their business to B2C customers, and asked CB/I to build its B2B web platform and create a complete SEO strategy to reach its new customers.

SCI ran 2 websites - and - without a clear strategy for each site. Both websites had low traffic and generated no sales or inquiries.

These websites ran on Wordpress platforms, had many user experience issues, and slow loading speeds.

SCI and CB/I refocused the site for its leading B2B market, and website for new B2C market.

We conducted full SEO & Website Audits for SCI, including:

- SEO audit
- Keyword research & content strategy
- Content copywriting guideline
- SEO plugins suggestions: over 20 plugins to improve SEO
- Backlink analysis
- User experiences (UX) analysis

Currently, CB/I remade the site structure, wireframe, and developed the new website. We worked with SCI design team to enhance  the design & UX, and collaborated with the content team to write over 100 high quality, SEO-friendly content pages for the new site.

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