Sanh Rong is a well-known gambling online game portal in Vietnam exploiting diverse market segments of card games, chess, etc. Sanh Rong wanted to compete with other rivals having high capital resources, and rank well in the Gaming market. 

The website did not rank high on search engines because of many SEO flaws. Game Market in Vietnam is considered to have high potential but is also intensely competitive with many new market players. So, Sanh Rong needed to have a complete SEO strategy in order to obtain important keyword rankings and acquire more users to the site.

CB/I was trusted to do advanced SEO for Sanh Rong to step-by-step boost the site's ranking and traffic.

We conducted comprehensive keyword research and market research and audited the site's SEO states to define Sanh Rong's strengths and weaknesses. After that, we ran deep SEO on pages and off-pages to fix all SEO issues and promote the site's performance.

We also closely guided Sanh Rong's in house team to develop content strategy in the long run.

After 4 months from launching, we helped Sanh Rong double its organic traffic and obtain top #10 rankings for many game detail keywords, which were out of top #30 before.  

Rank #1 for keyword "cach choi lieng"

The sites increased 32% in organic traffic after 4 months doing SEO with CB/I.

Traffic of Sanh rong increases 32% after 4 months doing SEO with CB/I



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