Prometheum is a simplified trading platform for cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology. This enables the platform to solve and secure transactions within 24 hours, without the need for traditional bulky systems or the use of IPO’s which are costly and difficult to complete logistically.  
What the site didn’t have was an easy way to manage content, track leads, and collect form data, so they approached CB/I to solve these issues.
CMS and More
Using the latest version of Wordpress, we built a CMS platform with full content management features and security requirements, and integrated the website with their Pardot CRM. These allowed the staff to not only manage content, but also manage and track leads and conversion more effectively.
Additionally, we had our QA team review both the Frontend and Backend interfaces, discovering a lot of issues with layout and usability. Helping to resolve these as well delivered a more comfortable and reliable experience for Prometheus’ users.
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