Music Traveler is a marketplace and platform for musicians and artists to list and rent rehearsal spaces in several different countries.  When they came to CB/I, their platform had coding problems which stemmed from working with inferior developer shops in the past. It cost Music Traveler both time and money.

  • Our development expertise allowed us to diagnose issues and audit every line of code
  • Built with a Python/Django framework, the Music Traveler app now functions smoothly in all regions
CB/I untangled the coding problems first which enabled us to deliver a stable platform and provide crucial support that allowed Music Traveler to expand to several new territories in the EU and US
  • The platform uses Python/Django framework
  • Complete and improve the basic features of the booking system. Musicians can search and book rehearsal spaces in both US and Europe
  • Additional advanced features on multiple currencies, promotions, administrator features, reports, etc

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