Jeenie is a VC-backed, fast-growing mobile startup that provides interpreters on-demand for people in need of assistance with foreign languages.  While they'd seen a steady stream of installs over the last year, there was a severe lack of engagement.  Users weren't interacting with the app, nor using the call-in feature, hampering the company's - and the product's - growth.
Shifting Focus to Produce Results
Within our first 4 weeks working together, CB/I helped Jeenie transform its strategy towards product-market fit by not only acquiring new installs, but also increasing weekly user calls 12X (+1100%), growing paid calls 10X (+900%), and reducing cost-per-call by over 90%.
We achieved this performance through a series of changes to audience targeting, ad copywriting, improvements to their page on the App Store, and enhancing the mobile onboarding experience.  By shifting focus away from installs and towards engagement, we were able to find more valuable customers and highlight the most effective aspects of the product.

Jeenie Boosts App Engagement 12X in 4 weeks

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