Haravan.com is an E-commerce solution provider that allows users to open online stores and manage their online business conveniently. Haravan is considered to be Vietnam’s Shopify and is invested by Seedcom.

Since the official launch in September 2014 (and starting sales in December), Haravan has accumulated 24,000 free trial users and has 1,700 paying customers.

Haravan has ambitious plans to expand in 2016 and hired CB/I to run its Google and Facebook ad campaigns to grow its user base.

Haravan platform had technical issues so it could not setup conversion tracking codes properly. This created a huge disadvantage in tracking campaign results to tweak and enhance campaign conversion performance.

The campaign ran right after the New Year holiday making it more difficult to capture attention. Haravan also did not have sound promotion during this period.

CB/I setup Google and Facebook campaigns quickly, identified the core group of potential customers, and connected to them with persuasive messaging. The campaigns achieved promising low cost-per-acquisitions. We also worked with the Haravan development team to fix the tracking system to be able to track multiple levels of signup. 

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