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RHIÉ is a featured luxury fashion brand in New York founded by Rie Yamagata. The website RhieStudio.com had very few visitors and sales online, so Rie asked CB/I to help improve SEO and User Experience to boost its online performance.


Rhiestudio.com uses the Shopify platform for E-commerce. Shopify is a solid platform for small E-commerce businesses, however it allows little customization. Therefore, many strong SEO techniques are not applicable on Shopify.



CB/I helped RhieStudio improve SEO in multiple fronts:

- Optimize the organic search result displays in SERP (search engine result pages) with rich snippets and sitelinks.

- Re-do keyword research to target luxury fashion shoppers

- Optimize images for Rhie to ensure best brand images are ranked on top of Google Image search

- Enhance UX to create better shopping experience

- Optimize technical SEO for Shopify,e.g. breadcrumb, speed, to improve Google index and rankings.


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