Miz-Mooz is a premium footwear brand based in New York. Their footwear is distributed in major retailers like Nordstrom, Walmart, DSW, and Zappos. They operate three branded and retail Ecommerce sites - Miz-Mooz.com, AS98.net, InfinityShoes.com - an Amazon sales channel, and multiple stores in the northeast US. 
In addition to our ongoing Magento Ecommerce development, Miz-Mooz asked CB/I to manage its SEO, Google and Facebook paid channels to consolidate agency work and simplify communication. With the increasing difficulty of wholesale B2B and physical retail, Miz-Mooz relies on Ecommerce as their main growth strategy.
Optimize and Scale 
Starting in 2017, CB/I focused first on optimizing campaign performance for Google Adwords. Within a few months, we boosted Google AdWords ROAS from 12:1 to 24:1 – their campaign’s break-even point is 5:1. 
By 2019, CB/I switched focus to scaling revenue and expanding customer base. Starting with Google Shopping, we doubled the shopping traffic (+94%) YoY at a good CPC of $0.52, adding a significant amount of new, high-quality traffic from first time customers at a low cost, while keeping a healthy CPA at $15/order and a ROAS at 10:1. Google Search maintained an extremely high ROAS 22:1 with CPA $6.27, with YoY revenue increasing +22%. 
Big Gains from AI
We recently deployed our proprietary AI solution - Playmaker - which allowed Miz-Mooz to achieve an incredible ROAS of 40:1-69:1 for paid search (from an average 18:1-24:1 before), triple its online revenue, and lowering CPC and CPA.
To increase ROAS, the Playmaker algorithm focused on allocating budget to high-performing campaigns more efficiently, while constantly reducing wasted spend.
Prospecting Pays Dividends
Facebook is a strong prospecting channel to discover new customers. In 2019, we scaled up Facebook traffic  +116% at a CPC of only $0.55, and grew revenue +135% YoY, while maintaining ROAS at 5:1.
Thanks to strong paid prospecting with both Facebook and Google, Miz-Mooz grew total online revenue +52% in 2019 vs 2018 from all channels, earning millions in NEW revenue. 
Additionally, paid prospecting helped Email revenue grow 8X (+678%) and traffic grow 9X YoY (873%).
 Miz-Mooz grew total online revenue +52% in 2019 vs 2018 from all channels, earning millions in NEW revenue


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