Marmur Medical

CB/I built a sophisticated iOS app for Marmur Medical, integrating a Light Therapy device via Bluetooth, usage pattern tracking, and seamless connections to their eCommerce store.




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Internationally recognized dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Marmur invented a revolutionary skin care treatment called Light Therapy. The treatment uses a light device, masks and serums to help clients keep and maintain healthier skin. Dr. Marmur needed an app that offered both a range of functionality as well as seamless interaction with their bluetooth device.


  • CB/I used GATT protocol to ensure Bluetooth connectivity
  • We connected with the existing Marmur Medical Shopify store which allows users to regularly purchase supplies directly
  • CB/I linked the app with a cloud-based Admin database and Shopify eCommerce platform via custom APIs
  • Users can run treatment sessions, save their treatment history, and store selfie results overtime to track their progress


CB/I’s new app met all requirements and was launched in time for a crucial press tour for the brand.
✓  Operate device via Bluetooth connectivity using GATT protocol
✓  Connect with Shopify store enabling users to purchase supplies
✓  Track usage patterns and save on cloud database
✓  Allow users to run treatment sessions, save treatment history, and selfie results overtime to check progress 

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