Law Trades

Increase search traffic for legal-on-demand platform site +172% in 10 months


LawTrades is a VC-backed legal-on-demand startup that aims at fixing the unreasonably high legal costs for businesses. LawTrades partnered with CB/I to grow search traffic and leads for their legal platform.



The LawTrades site had so many SEO errors that it reduced the site ranking in search engine result pages. Combined with more established competitors in the online legal space, this made it extremely difficult for LawTrades to gain higher rankings and depressed overall traffic.


CB/I Digital fixed all SEO errors on their current website, helped migrate this data after they launched a redesigned platform, focused on promoting well-researched keyword groups through both SEO and PPC, and optimized new and existing content to drive more traffic and acquire more customers from organic search. CB/I Digital’s advanced SEO techniques alone led to an increase of 3-10x for various pages in organic traffic.
LawTrades increased traffic almost 3 times, achieved top rankings for sales-driving search terms such as  #1 for “cryptocurrency lawyer”, #2 for “licensing agreement lawyer”, #1 for “business contract attorney”


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