A subsidiary of LVMH, Fresh.com is an established brand providing high-end beauty and skincare products.  They came to CB/I for help in managing SEO ahead of major Ecommerce relaunch in several new countries. 
Worldwide Launch
CB/I successfully relaunched SEO for their Ecommerce platform in 7 countries including the UK, France, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, ensuring their digital presence was strategically and uniformly positioned worldwide.
Technical and Content Optimizations
Additionally, we restructured and re-optimized the platform for on-page SEO, incorporating extensive keyword research, deep technical fixes and other advanced techniques that incorporated breadcrumbs and rich snippets, and improved their structured data.  We also removed millions of duplicate pages, greatly increasing the ability for bots to index the site and bringing in more traffic.
Additionally, we also do extensive SEO research for product launches, identifying search terms as well as sought after benefits and features around each product category.  The insights that come from this process are used not only to optimize product pages, but also to help to inform overall digital strategy and marketing communications.
Their Associate Manager of Global Ecommerce, Iakovos Hatzidimitiou, was very happy with our work:
"CB/I helped us kick off a successful international SEO relaunch in 7 countries in U.S., Europe and Asia - at the same time, start to finish. They are smart, responsive, technically savvy, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend CB/I to any company...and not just for SEO!"


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