Chan Luu, a prestigious designer jewelry brand, hired CB/I to manage SEO, Google and Facebook channels, replacing a well-known agency out of frustration with their passive, “set-it-and-forget-it” approach.
At the time CB/I took over, Chan Luu was suffering from a major drop in traffic and revenue from direct and organic channels as interest and orders from existing users plummeted. Chan Luu looked to CB/I’s deep expertise on revenue growth to help reverse the trends and put the brand back on track for growth.
Paid Prospecting Led the Way to Stronger Revenue
Despite the downtrend, within 6 months CB/I managed to increase annual revenue +11.3% YoY,  thanks to strong paid prospecting with Google and Facebook ads.
Chan Luu YoY
Paid Search and Shopping Both Grew Significantly
Chan Luu’s Google Shopping revenue grew +75% with the same ROAS of 3:1. Paid Search is even better, with ROAS doubling from 8.84:1 to 15.2:1, and search revenue growing +31% while spending decreased -22%. 
Facebook Boosted New Traffic +150% YoY
Chan Luu’s Facebook campaigns also scaled significantly, with traffic increasing +150%, revenue increasing +54% YoY, with the same ROAS, bringing both revenue and new potential customers. 
Strong Paid Prospecting Offsets Drops in Direct and SEO
In Dec 2019, revenue from direct sources dropped -36%, direct traffic dropped -25%, and organic traffic dropped -11% YoY.
However, Google traffic doubled (+91%) while Facebook traffic tripled (242%) YoY, growing overall revenue +6%, and total traffic +52%.
chan luu - Strong Paid Prospecting Offsets Drops in Direct and SEO
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