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CentralBanks.com is an exclusive online community of banking professionals working at more than 165 Central Banks, 57 Sovereign Wealth Funds, and numerous offical institutions globally. This invitation-only website allows members to network throughout the world, share information and exchange their ideas.


CB/I Digital did a Web Security Audit for CentralBanks.com, identified security issues that hackers can exploit to take control of the system, and suggested methods to fix those security risks.


In 2012, CB/I delivered 2 comprehensive reports on CentralBanks.com web security. The first report was written after an audit over the website to detect current security issues of the CentralBanks.com site. Each of those problems was analyzed in the format including a basics about the security problem, a demo how hackers can exploit this problem on CentralBanks.com site, the weak source code in demo file and how to fix that code, and the list of files that have similar problems that need to be fixed.
The second one was to review the web security of Central Bank development against popular web exploitations and provide suggestions to enhance the web security again.

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