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Ecommerce Redesign and User Experience enhancement for phone retailer to boost online sales



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Cellphone City is a trusted online cellphone retailer that sells refurbished cellphones through eBay and its Magento Ecommerce site. It has over 414,000 reviews on eBay, and would like to deliver a great shopping experiene on its Magento Ecommerce site for both desktop and mobile.


At the reviewing time, the website had a very complicated checkout process and poor E-commerce design for its top pages like home page, category pages, and product detail pages.


CB/I Digital created a professional E-commerce design for both desktop and mobile versions of the site that received 6 of 6 positive ratings from User Testing, with "reliable", "trusted" and "yes we will buy from this site" comments. 

We also simplified the checkout process to less than 3 steps from 7 steps before. The changes had positive impacts on the business performance of Cellphonecity.

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