AARP - Life Reimagined

Increased monthly search traffic +56% year-over-year via organic search and achieved top rankings for popular search terms for their Life Reimagined platform.


AARP’s Life Reimagined (LR) is a lifestyle content platform designed to help middle-aged professionals improve their health, work and relationships. 
As the site suffered from low readership, AARP turned to CB/I Digital to increase search traffic and improve its content.


  • CB/I created a content discovery strategy that re-optimized LifeReimagined’s vast library of long-form content and matched the assets with user search intent while maintaining each author’s writing style. That strategy paid off and monthly traffic of Life Reimagined increased +50% - 250% YoY
  • We also identified in-demand search topics which assisted the Life-Reimagined content team when developing new topics to feature on the site
  • CB/I applied advanced on-page SEO to LifeReimagined’s complex site structure to cover all popular high-volume search topics
  • We then fixed technical crawling & indexing problems and on-page SEO errors that hindered search engines from indexing and ranking the website properly


The platform’s organic traffic increased +56% YoY

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