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Increase monthly search traffic +56% YoY via organic search and get top rankings for popular search terms users care, providing powerful SEO strategy and implementation to boost organic traffic for AARP's biggest digital initiatives.

OVERVIEW is the biggest digital initiative of AARP, the largest organization for senior citizens in the US with more than 35 million users. The platform is dedicated to helping its users – mainly over the age of 45 – to rediscover what truly matters and focus on what they really want to do. Life Reimagined offers free programs in the Well-Being, Work, Events and Relationships categories.

CB/I Digital is the SEO agency in charge of optimizing all aspects on organic traffic for the Life Reimagine platform, including on-page SEO, technical SEO, content SEO, and off-page SEO strategy.



AARP’s Life-Reimagined (LR) is a life hack content platform for middle-age people. It has thousands pieces of amazing content about health, work & relationship, however very few people read them.

Due to the huge cross-team operations with marketing, content, and development, Life Reimagined platform had various SEO issues and technical issues that were not taken care of for a long period of time. Organic search contributed very little to the overall traffic.



CBI Digital applied advanced technical SEO to Life-Reimagined’s complex site structure, and create a content discovery SEO strategy that re-optimized hundreds of long-form content pieces. The strategy paid off and monthly traffic of LR increase 50% - 250% YoY.
CB/I created a powerful SEO strategy for this major publishing platform to drive more organic traffic to the website and expand the AARP's branding. We re-did keyword research to identify the traffic growth areas, run full on-page implementation, fixing https and speed problems, and tweaking mobile experience.

CB/I worked closely with the content team to ensure weekly new content was now optimized for SEO before being published.

We also re-structured the backlink portfolio, created off-page SEO strategy and worked with the marketing team and social team to enhance SEO quality and boost rankings and traffic.

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