Vingroup’s Adayroi

Adayroi is a leading online marketplace owned by the $8 billion conglomerate, Vingroup. Adayroi doubled their monthly revenue in only six months after CB/I applied our proprietary Digital Revenue Optimization (DRO) protocol and tools.

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Adayroi’s story

Vingroup’s is a $100+ million online marketplace, with over 1 million SKUs across 15 verticals including consumer electronics, consumer goods, healthcare products, beauty, fashion, automobiles, hotels and travel.

Adayroi hired CB/I to turnaround 18 months of declining revenue, with the focus on SEO, Paid Advertising, and Conversion Optimization.

In just over a year, CB/I’s aggressive digital strategy helped ADR increase monthly revenue +46% YoY and doubled its users to over 10 million per month.

SEO Is The Major Push For Revenue Growth

CB/I applied advanced SEO strategy for large-scale platform, optimizing 300+ niches that generate search revenue and traffic

We built and optimized unique customer journey for each of ADR’s business units. Also implemented changes to User Experience/Conversion Optimization (CRO) thus increasing conversion rates.

We helped ADR triple SEO traffic to its Ecommerce platform within eight months, adding over 1 million more search users each month. Revenue increased +52% in six months.

Implement An Effective Content Strategy to Expand User Base

CB/I increased organic traffic for ADR shopping content platform from 25,000 visits/month to almost 4 million visits/month (160X) in 12 months, with organic traffic almost doubled every month, including a 3% CTR from blog to Ecommerce site, generating 8% of organic revenue.

CB/I built a “content machine” that produced 250-300 content pieces a week for ADR’s content platform.

New PPC Approach Led to Doulde Revenue Increase
Paid Search
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CB/I deployed Google Analytics 360 to gather key eCommerce metrics and identify frictions and low-hanging fruit opportunities for quick revenue growth.

We allocated advertising budget effectively to channels that maximize the CiR (cost in revenue) and advised on product strategy focusing on growing trending, best-selling products to drive revenue.

Revenue from Paid Search grew +103% within four months and ADR’s Average Order Value (AOV) increased by +53%.

Paid Search
Average Order Value
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