Larson Jewelers

Larson Jewelers hired CB/I to turnaround its declining revenue by optimizing AdWords and adding Facebook into their marketing mix.

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Larson Jewelers’s story

Larson Jeweler, an established tungsten jewelry brand, had relied on Google AdWords to drive millions in online revenue for years, a strategy that had began to faulter. Larson hired CB/I to turnaround its declining revenue after the launch of new Ecommerce site. The goal is to recover Google ROAS and launch Facebook ad channel to boost revenue.

Larson fixed Google ROAS in the first month

CB/I detected an unauthorized affiliate overbidding on Larson brand keywords, as well as the self-competing “exact” and “broad” ad groups, all of which pushed brand CPC up 3x and hurt ROAS of the highest performing Google brand campaigns. Fixing these issues helped bring down brand CPC to $0.18 and ROAS recovered quickly.

Additionally, we fixed the broken remarketing tag, and changed product feed from 4,000 “configurable” products to 130,000 “variant” products optimized for long tail searches. Within a month, CB/I were able to stabilize Google Ads ROAS at 2.5 - 3:1, making the channel profitable again.

Larson Launched its First Facebook Ad Campaigns

CB/I helped Larson launch and optimize its Facebook paid channel just 1 day before Thanksgiving 2019, and quickly achieved a ROAS of 7.3:1 during November and December sales, several times its break-even level of 2:1.

Facebook now generates as much revenue as their Google Ad channel. Subsequently, Larson is now on track to double its online revenue in 2020.

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