POZ Personals is the world’s largest community of HIV people (240k subscribers). They came to CB/I Digital with a stale platform that hadn’t been updated since 2002. The site had become a frequent target of hackers and scammers seeking to exploit the community. As a result of multiple complex custom features, these problems continued and user engagement had declined rapidly.

  • CB/I created a sophisticated anti-spam mechanism to resolve POZ’s problems with hackers and scammers
  • We streamlined the existing platform which improved page speed significantly
  • We integrated a smart matching algorithm which allowed members to connect faster and easier
  • We also optimized the mobile experience for users of the platform
CB/I delivered a modern and secure platform with greater utility and more sophisticated features for the community.
✓Excellent social experience on mobile
✓Sophisticated anti-spam mechanism to prevent scammers
✓Fast loading speed for large platform
✓Smart matching algorithm for members to connect with each other
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